Workplace habits of the old and the young

There was a bit on “Marketplace” by Meghan McCarty Carino about youths and the workplace: “Younger generations always get a lot of flack for not being as hard working as their elders. We all know the stereotype of the lazy, entitled avocado-toast-eating millennial. But there does seem to be evidence that kids these days really are taking a different approach to their work.”

I appreciated that her lede was the plain reality that every group of age-associated folks, little query since we mixed it up with Neanderthals, has seen the group that comes after as full slackers.

The nth diploma of that from down the eons was almost certainly the battle between the Greatest Generation, who kicked butt in World War II and then created the beginnings of the fashionable data and tech economies in the 1950s, and the older members of my cohort, the Boomers. Flappers may have set the tongues wagging in the Jazz Age, nonetheless, didn’t have so much of dudes and chicks revolting en masse in opposition to a battle in our cities and then lighting out for the territory to remain naked in treehouses whereas taking the psychedelic remedy.

Man, that was the life.

But it moreover marked a sea change in relations between the old and the young. Parents who graduated from the faculty in the 1970s, as we did, have a far completely totally different — I would say so much higher — relationship usually with our children these days, now of their early maturity. We are cooler with them, given what we went through; they’re cool with us, giving us a break perhaps consequently of we opened some doorways to successfully … doing all your particular person issue reasonably than the “Mad Men” issue.

That doesn’t suggest the avocado toast issue can’t be a joke knowledgeable by the old on the young. That doesn’t suggest we’re in a position to make mild, speaking of extreme delicacies, of the sushi and salad bars the youngsters’ faculty dorm consuming halls perform these days. But who wouldn’t want greater meals than that crap we wanted to eat?

And they make fulfilling of us, too. They title us The Olds. I obtained in a terrible argument with my treasured goddaughter a yr or two in the previous over my objections to the dweeby-sounding time interval “cis-gender.” Now, I say title me what you need, young ‘uns. Just give me a bit of that their fancy toast.

What Carino reported is “Marketplace-Edison Research poll found workers age 18 to 34 were more likely to rank flexible schedule and remote work opportunities as important in a job than workers 35 and older.”

And the Youngs have in no way acknowledged a working life by which they’re all the time anticipated to keep in touch by cell items. So naturally, since they have to ship their work residence, “they also want to bring their home life to work.”

And they should have the capacity to hit the pause button after they start out on a work-life path without their careers struggling for it. And we should at all times assist that kind of sanity. That goddaughter, as an illustration, in her early 30s, merely left metropolis in a camper van collectively together with her husband for a protracted drive all through our nation, and a protracted go to collectively together with her sister on an upstate New York winery, and then a protracted journey to Europe for a wedding and to see associates. They’ll be gone for seven months. They’ve every been working onerous since faculty. I profiled her on this space a number of years in the previous when her full-time job was educating youngsters to plant edible gardens at metropolis Los Angeles elementary. He’s been in communications for inexperienced lobbying groups and start-ups.

Get ticked off like some old git consequently of for my period this was correct every time you wanted to start climbing the workplace ladder onerous or get left behind? Nonsense. It makes relatively extra sense to stability work and your grownup lives from the beginning. Take some retirement time early. Yours once more’s in a better kind.

Larry Wilson is on the Southern California News Group editorial board.

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