Woman’s blistering ‘margarita burns’ like ‘being cooked from the inside out’

Beware of the so-called “margarita burn” this summer time season.

One Canadian woman is warning others after she suffered second-degree burns on her palms from squeezing limes to make cocktails on the newest lake journey.

In June, Amber Prepchuk, of Edmonton, Alberta, went to Wizard Lake with mates. Ahead of their stroll all the manner all the way down to the water, the 34-year-old make-up artist instructed Fox News on Tuesday that she and some others decided to make a pitcher of margaritas. Unable to hunt out the lime squeezer, Prepchuk offered to squeeze the limes by hand.

Afterward, Prepchuk claims she gave her palms a “good rinse” sooner than she and her mates “continued on with the day in the sunshine.” By the subsequent day, nonetheless, Prepchuk talked about she seen her palms felt as in the event that they’d been sunburned.

Amber Prepchuk, 34, talked about she suffered a painful “margarita burn” after squeezing limes to make in fashion drink after which shifting into the photovoltaic.


The following day, two days after her day at the lake, Prepchuk awoke to what she talked about was “excruciating” ache.

“I woke with blisters forming in between my fingers and on the tops of my hands,” she added.

Prepchuk then went to the burn clinic at the University of Alberta Hospital, the place she claims a doctor was baffled by her burns.

“He almost dismissed me when I told him that the only thing that I could think of was the limes that I had squeezed two days prior,” she claimed, noting her boyfriend then researched lime burns on-line and received right here all through information on phytophotodermatitis, colloquially typically referred to as “margarita burns.”

“I woke with blisters forming in between my fingers and on the tops of my hands," she said. (Amber Prepchuk)

“I woke with blisters forming in between my fingers and on the tops of my palms,” she talked about.

Per Healthline, margarita burns “outcome when a chemical referred to as furocoumarin reacts with daylight. This chemical is present in limes and citrus fruits, together with celery, figs, fennel, and a variety of different crops.”

Margarita burn victims often develop a rash inside the first 24 hours of publicity. The rash then can “grow into a cluster of painful blisters at the point of contact a day or two later.” Those affected are often left with darkish patches or streaks — medically typically referred to as post-inflammatory pigmentation, in response to Healthline — as quickly as the swelling reduces. The darkish marks can ultimate for weeks and even months.

Prepchuk instructed Fox News her burns have been sporting gauze and burn cream sooner than her palms have been wrapped in what she compared with a pair of boxing gloves. Her palms remained wrapped for days until it was time to fluctuate the dressings.

“I almost got sick,” she recalled the second she observed the blisters.

Prepchuk said she had to keep her hands wrapped and bandaged for several days as the burns healed. (Amber Prepchuk)

Prepchuk talked about she wanted to take care of her palms wrapped and bandaged for quite a lot of days as the burns healed.

Prepchuk concerned she should put her work on keeping ensuing from her accidents, talked about the ache “was something I had never experienced before.”

“It’s almost overwhelming because it’s not like you just accidentally burned part of your hand on the oven or the stove or something,” she added, describing the sensation in her palms as “being cooked from the inside out.”


The 34-year-old now has dark streaks -- known as post-inflammatory pigmentation -- on her hands from the burns.

The 34-year-old now has darkish streaks — typically referred to as post-inflammatory pigmentation — on her palms from the burns.

“It was tear-inducing,” she added. “Being sunburnt is one thing, but being mild second-degree burned is a whole other sensation.”

Prepchuk — who well-known she was unable to maneuver her palms ensuing from the ache and required her boyfriend’s assist to scrub her hair and physique when the burn was at its worst — is now advising others to “avoid squeezing limes with your bare hands and then going into the sunshine.” She moreover talked about she has burns on completely different components of her physique — notably on her stomach and legs — from the place, she was splattered with lime juice.

“Gloves, lime squeezers, and an excellent washing of the palms with scorching, soapy water,” she actually helpful as strategies to maintain away from a painful margarita burn.

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