Woman develops ‘grapefruit’-sized hematoma after landing on jet ski handlebars

An unnamed lady’s vaginal hurt was documented in a medical journal after she sought help for a big hematoma on her vulva that developed after she fell off her jet ski and landed on the watercraft’s handlebars. According to the case report, the girl sought instantaneous help in an emergency room after the July 2018 accident, the place she was “managed conservatively.”

But three days later, she confirmed up at Professional Brooklyn Gynecological Services, barely able to stroll on account of 4.7-inch hematoma.


“It was almost like having a grapefruit in between her legs,” Dr. Marashi Amir, the girl’s doctor and report co-author, instructed DailyMail.com. “It was a pretty large hematoma, really deep, and she couldn’t walk around.”

A vulvar hematoma is a set of blood that swimming swimming pools inside the clean tissues of the vulva after hurt or childbirth. While small hematomas are unlikely to set off indicators, greater ones would possibly set off ache and swelling, drawback or painful urination or bulging tissue. Treatment depends upon on measurement and severity, with these measuring beneath 5-centimeters typically requiring over-the-counter ache relievers or chilly compress, based mostly on HealthLine.com. Larger hematomas would possibly require surgical intervention.

According to the case report revealed inside the BMJ, the selection was made to surgically drain the hematoma, nonetheless the affected individual voiced concern about potential scarring on her vulva. According to Amir and look at co-author, Dr. Ghanshyam Yadav, the method was carried out through a “vertical incision on the left vaginal sidewall.”

“Her discomfort resolved immediately post-surgery and she had an uncomplicated post-operative course,” based mostly on the case report. “The intravaginal approach yielded superior aesthetic result with no scarring on the external vulva.”

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