What is the Mexican food capital of the U.S.?

Cinco de Mayo? Americans love Mexican food all 12 months prolonged. In 2017, Mexican overtook pizza as the second most common restaurant menu lineup.

Restaurant fame

According to CHD Expert, a enterprise information agency, as of April 2017 there have been 59,800 Mexican consuming locations in the U.S. and 59,300 pizza consuming locations.Google News Lab and design studio Polygraph mapped American food traits by county. The maps underneath rank cities and counties by their hottest delicacies, based mostly totally on information from prospects who’ve opted in to Google location historic previous.


In 2017, Forbes compiled information to go looking out what cities had the most Mexican consuming locations and what the taco versus burrito index was.

cities with most mexican

On the desk

Mexican food merchandise have gained in prominence in the dwelling along with in consuming locations.

mexican food facts

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