Transgender man uses his egg to conceive baby

Transgender man uses his egg to conceive baby

When people first meet 4-year-old Arlo Marlow, they usually touch upon how quite a bit the bright-eyed boy looks like his dad, Seth.

They’ll typically say he resembles Seth’s partner, Leah, too, since they assume she is his natural mom.

But the truth behind Arlo’s origins is a bit tougher. Arlo was conceived using an egg from Seth, who’s transgender. The egg was fertilized with donor sperm, then carried and birthed by Leah.

“Arlo has two genetic fathers,” Seth tells The Post. “He’s a pretty unique kid.”

The 41-year-old, who transitioned in 2003 at the age of 25, had his transition medically reversed in 2012 so his ovaries would generate enough eggs to create Arlo. Then he immediately switched once more to being male.

Meanwhile, as he explains throughout the new podcast “Pregnantish,” the egg was fertilized with the sperm of an anonymous donor and the following embryo was frozen for 3 years. It was later transferred into Leah’s uterus. The pregnant mom safely delivered 6-pound, 3-ounce Arlo in October 2015.

Transgender man uses his egg to conceive baby
Seth and baby ArloCourtesy Seth Marlow

The baby’s arrival felt like a miracle.

“I thought my transition had cost me my fertility and the path to a family,” says Seth, who instructed “Pregnantish” that sooner than he started relationship Leah, he was glad he’d preserve a “confirmed bachelor.”

“I longed for — but never thought — I would have my own biological child,” supplies the experienced coach for a well-being care agency dwelling in Roanoke, Va. “But, as soon as Leah and I got serious and I suggested this course of action, she said: ‘I’m in!’”

Though Seth transitioned to a man and had a double mastectomy, his ovaries remained intact. In order to ovulate as soon as extra, he merely wished to stop taking testosterone and start a course of estrogen.

“It took quite a psychological toll on me, but I was determined to see it through,” says Seth, whose emotions obtained a double battering due to an ongoing dispute with his medical insurance coverage agency relating to safety.

At the highest, the Marlows wound up paying around $30,000 out of pocket for the within the Vitro fertilization course.

As a result of the estrogen, Seth’s physique redeveloped curves. After three months, he obtained an interval. In the podcast — obtainable Tuesday — he reveals how he had to sneak tampons into the lads’ restrooms at a Chicago airport when he unexpectedly began to menstruate whereas in transit.

“I’m not a big dude, but I’m a dude with a big beard and a bunch of tattoos,” he laughed. “My trans history only is disclosed if I choose to disclose it.”

Thankfully the egg retrieval went simply at a fertility clinic in Syracuse, NY. The couple chose a donor to fertilize the eggs, which had been positioned on ice until Seth and Leah had been ready to start their family. Leah had one embryo transferred into her uterus in early 2015. Arlo was born 9 months later after a healthful being pregnant.

Transgender man uses his egg to conceive baby

Even sooner than Arlo might converse, Seth and Leah, 37, moreover a tech coach, relayed to him his unconventional beginnings. He has taken the knowledge in stride.

“Recently, we were talking about hopefully adding a little brother or sister to our family and Arlo said, ‘Will we be using your eggs, Daddy?’ ” remembers Seth. “He doesn’t understand the mechanics of the sexual act, but he knows about all the different ways a baby can be created.”

Soon Seth, Leah, and Arlo are seeming to flip right into a family of 4. There are 13 leftover embryos at current frozen throughout the lab in Syracuse. One might be defrosted and positioned in Leah’s uterus contained in the 12 months.

“It’s a beautiful way to make a family,” Seth says.

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