The TRUTH about how Tommy Robinson is surviving in Prison

Ezra Levant visited Tommy Robinson proper now in Belmarsh jail. Tommy has solely had a number of visitations to date since his political imprisonment.

Ezra Visits Tommy – An Update

Ezra was shocked to see that Tommy is in respectable effectively-being, Tommy has entry to a coaching bike and a gymnasium to work out. His meals are prepared in the hospital wing of the jail, and he moreover has entry to a television.

So far, Tommy is being dealt with pretty successfully inside Belmarsh, and the jail governor visits him every day.

Tommy is imprisoned close to Julian Assange, they often have had conversations.

We are glad to take heed to that Tommy is dealt with successfully to date. However, we should all the time not neglect that isolation from human contact does impact someone’s’ effectively-being and psychological effectively-being.

We will maintain you updated on Tommy’s scenario as time goes on.

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