The most annoying trends of 2019

The most annoying trends of 2019

Every new yr brings us ingenious advances in science and tech, fascinating creations from the paintings and development worlds, and breakthroughs in our collective id.

But, as always, there is a flip side to the good, the model-new, the fascinating — the trends and objects that merely should certainly not have been. To quote a foul monitor from 1998, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,” and can all of the beginnings we’re about to debate end — and certainly not come once more.

Here are just some of the worst trends of 2019 we’d choose to see go the way in which during which of the Dodo:

Face tattoos

Tekashi 6ix9ine showing off his face tattoos.
Tekashi 6ix9ine displaying off his face tattoos.

2019 was a really harmful yr for these ill-advised tattoos. In September, Aaron Carter, for some unknown motive, acquired an unlimited inking of Rihanna as a mermaid on all of the right-hand side of his face. Carter now joins the uncertain crew of Post  Malone, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne and Kehlani who even have eternal, nonsensical doodlings on their mugs. Perhaps most ill-advised is Takashi69’s random and easily acknowledged face scribbles. The rapper, who’s serving a two-year jail sentence for racketeering, weapons, and drugs costs ratted out his fellow Blood gang members to get a lighter sentence and may now be questioning what he’s going to do when he’s lastly launched as a result of it’s arduous to cowl with identifiable tats. Even the courtroom sketch artist found him easy to draw because of this of “he has all that writing all over him. Nobody else has that!” For a motive.

Butt it’s so sexy!

A woman taking a butt selfie, or "belfie."
A woman taking a butt selfie, or “belfie.”

We understand sexy proper right here at The Post (we do!) nevertheless what’s not sexy? Serving each little factor up on a platter chilly. Leaving nothing to the creativeness this yr, panties — jean panties — had been worn a la carte, often without underwear, and giving the rest of us the gynecological view we certainly not wished. Belfies (butt-selfies) flooded Instagram as serial offenders like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski crammed their cans into painful-looking thongs for Instagram likes. But butt bearing reached new heights as Lizzo attended a Lakers recreation December 8 on the Staples Center in Los Angeles in a black costume with a big hole on the underside, and at one degree, dropping down inside the courtroom docket to twerk for the gang to a collective eye-roll.

Ramen sandals

Fashion has always tried to push the boundaries — nevertheless, this sandal is solely sad. 2018 had the horrific fur slides — turning all people’s tootsies into insta-bear claws — and this yr Bottega Venetta debuted a macrame slide that appeared similar to the outdated-faculty delicacy, Cup Noodles. Just add water.

Cryptocurrency CrazeCryptocurrency

Used by drug smugglers, arms sellers and mafia worldwide, cryptocurrency retains the hall of doom within the enterprise. It’s not going anyplace — nevertheless, the hype around it should. Several cases this yr Bitcoin, the most in type cryptocurrency, has surged severely — creating instant-millionaires (and inside the case of some, billionaires). Millions of people took to bear in mind and wished in on the movement — solely to be left holding the bag in a number of conditions. The factors embrace the merely manipulated market for the secretive blockchains and the reality that many merchants don’t know one thing in regards to the machinations of cryptocurrency — fundamental hucksters to take profit. Self-proclaimed crypto queen, Ruja Ignatova disappeared with over $400 million after claiming to have discovered a model new overseas cash to rival Bitcoin. And merely last month, jilted merchants in a defunct cryptocurrency scheme requested that businessman Gerald Cotten’s stays be exhumed with the intention to point out his demise actually occurred. Over $137 million went missing after Cotten’s demise the last yr in India.

Gender Reveal Parties

This yr alone, elaborate gender celebration mishaps have included a plane crash, a lethal explosion, a hippopotamus, a tied-up (and pissed off) alligator, an exploding automotive, a ball-busting accident, and a giant gender-related fart. It’s gotten so ridiculous and dangerous that even the inventor of the gender reveal celebration now says your complete thought was a “stupid idea.” We concur!

Banana Art

Artist Maurizio Cattelan blew the paintings world’s ideas this yr when his piece “Comedian” — which was solely a banana duct-taped to a wall — went on sale for a mind-blowing $120,000 at Art Basel Miami. Two further bananas had been purchased and one was mauled after New York performance-based artist David Dattuna ripped one off the wall and ate it.  While the “art” supplied memes for months, it raised questions in regards to the top quality of the objects inside the world of the painting and whether or not or not or not people had been merely sheep to the galleries’ callings.

Insanely Expensive Wellness Fads

A meditation session at The Well.
A meditation session at The Well.

People want to remain without finish — and rich individuals are significantly inclined to longevity’s charms. The private membership, The Well, opened this summertime the place for a whopping $375 a month (plus a $500 initiation value) members can work out, meditate in a subterranean yurt with an unlimited gong, stroll on flooring which is perhaps embedded with crystals, e-book massages and partake in a bunch of “modalities,” talks with “thought leaders,” comply with “mindfulness,” adjust to “unified protocol,” try “expanded blood panels,” and take a look at “craniosacral” therapies and additional. Beyond The Well, crystal fads, flat tummy teas and keto diets (that make your breath scent and will find yourself in a malodorous “keto crotch“) crammed the airwaves and drained our wallets. Here’s a tip for 2020: eat your non-fried veggies, prepare and relax.

CBD Everything

CBD gummies
CBD gummiesAFP by means of 

Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is in every single place as of late. True believers say it might properly do each little factor from treatment most cancers, help you to sleep and calm you down. Products touting CBD capsules, lotions, drinks, and meals are in every single place — even in pet meals — nevertheless, do they work? A Harvard examines famously: “There’s no proof, for instance, that CBD cures most cancers. There is reasonable proof that CBD can enhance sleep problems, fibromyalgia ache, muscle spasticity associated with a number of cases of sclerosis, and nervousness.” However, it moreover talked about that good CBD should be bought from dispensaries in states the place marijuana is permitted and that the promoting has gotten ahead of the science. As the CBD commerce in America is unregulated — who’s conscious of if what you’re actually searching for works or not?


Dave Chappelle, among other comedians, have accused our society of being too brittle.
Dave Chappelle, amongst completely different comedians, has accused our society of being too brittle.

Dave Chappelle triggered a furor this yr all through his Netflix specials when he instructed that people have developed into too brittle and that we’re having “disproportionate” reactions to (some) #MeToo allegations along with (some) gender factors.  Here’s the issue — as a lady who has been sexually harassed, handed over for promotions because of this of her gender and confronted discrimination all by means of the various years — I agree with Dave. Is Harvey Weinstein a monster? Yep. Should Aziz Ansari be known as out for a foul date? Nope. We have developed into brittle on a litany of factors — sexuality, gender, politics, meals, even pronouns. Earlier this month, a transgender worker sued Nike for “pronoun abuses” claiming the company “failed to implement any policies, procedures, and pieces of training around the use of gender pronouns in the workplace.” This is a transitional time in our historic previous people. We will get there. But let’s all take a deep breath and understand each little factor simply is not black and white — most are shades of gray.


A still from 2019's "The Lion King" remake
A nonetheless from 2019’s “The Lion King” remake©Walt Disney Co.

Hollywood needs a remake — as in a whole new slew of executives. Due to cravenness and an excessive lack of creativity, it reveals like “Clueless,” “Northern Exposure,” “Frasier,” “Designing Women,” “Bewitched” and “Party of Five” will hit our screens … as soon as extra. And that’s merely a television. The movement photos are moreover redundant as Disney remakes their cartoons into live-action and classics are “updated.” Hollywood executives declare it is as a result of “consumers like them” — by means of surveys (and exact viewership) say in some other case. The West Coast would possibly take a lesson from the East Coast — or a minimum of from AMC president Sarah Barnett. With little to no funds, Barnett revamped Sundance TV in 2009 by launching “Rectify,” “The Honorable Woman” and “Top of the Lake” after which later reworked BBC America the place she greenlit and ushered in “Orphan Black” and “Killing Eve.” She was promoted to go up all of AMC Networks earlier this yr. Hollywood would possibly use further Sarah Barnetts.

The deification of people who exhibit really odd, harmful and customarily mentally unstable habits.

Pete Davidson
Pete DavidsonGetty Images

Kanye, Pete Davidson, Elon Musk and almost anyone who appears in a Bravo or TLC current … I’m you.

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