Renovations underway to redevelop old North Star Bar site in Fairmount

The developing that after housed the North Star Bar in Fairmount is the formally current course of renovations to prove to be a model new restaurant and bar.

What was a popular venue to see native music and up-and-coming artists in Philadelphia for 35 years has stood vacant since 2015, surrounded by questions regarding the developing’s future? On Thursday, Josh Harris of Design Art Build Co. confirmed a restaurant and bar are coming to the property.

Until not too way back, the renovations at 27th and Poplar streets appeared to be progressing slowly, nonetheless, crews have now demolished a portion of the earlier North Star Bar developing. A Fairmount resident posted to the app Nextdoor on Thursday morning observing that, “The stage and balcony part of the building is half torn down to brick rubble.”

“We made extensive repairs because it was neglected for years,” Harris suggested PhillyVoice on Thursday. Design Art Build Co. most up-to-date work consists of Cheu Noodle Bar in Fishtown and Love and Honey Fried Chicken in Northern Liberties.

Harris’s plan for the North Star property consists of honoring the historic design of the developing. “We’re adding more windows to the exterior,” he talked about. “It’s a lot more efficient to tear it down and open it up this way than it is to cut into old brick.”

It has almost been 4 years since North Star Bar closed its doorways. Construction began on the property, nonetheless, the plans have been redrawn after Harris’ agency was employed. This meant the endeavor had to start from scratch with a newly revised developing plan, he talked about.

Harris, who lives in Fairmount, and the home homeowners are retaining the neighborhood in ideas with this endeavor. The restaurant plans to be a family-oriented home for locals.

Though, there’s one issue that’s in all chance on all people’s ideas: Will this spot even is a music venue? While Harris couldn’t speak about the long run plans the home homeowners might have for the restaurant and bar, he did affirm that there will not be a stage constructed in the model new home.

But Harris declined to speak about lots of the explicit particulars regarding the old North Stars, moreover to say “It’s going to be really beautiful, I can tell you that.”

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