Philadelphia becomes first U.S. city to ban cashless stores

Philadelphia is the first predominant city throughout the U.S. to ban cashless stores. Mayor Jim Kenney signed the ban on cashless firms bill on Thursday, which might restrict retailers and consuming locations from not accepting cash as value of their establishments and imposes fines on these that do not comply.

The regulation will take affect July 1, in accordance to evaluations.

The legal guidelines is a response to a rising growth nationally amongst consuming locations and retailers the refuse cash for meals, gadgets and suppliers, in accordance to the Wall Street Journal. It’s a direct hit for Philly stores similar to the fast-casual restaurant Sweetgreen (for value solely by app or card) and low retailer Bluestone Lane (for value solely by card).

Amazon was moreover reportedly nervous with regard to the ban due to its private plans to ship brick-and-mortar retail stores to Philadelphia, which is likely to be value by plastic solely.

Similar legal guidelines to ban the cash-free selection has been launched in New York city and New Jersey.

Lawmakers and supporters of the bill argue that banning cash in stores and consuming locations is classist and discriminates in opposition to minority groups of people, like senior residents and the homeless.

The bill was handed in City Council ultimate month after City Councilman Bill Greenlee launched the legal guidelines throughout the fall. It will go into affect on June 1, in accordance to the Wall Street Journal, and may not solely prohibit cashless stores in Philadelphia however moreover stop enterprise householders from imposing a surcharge on shoppers using cash. Businesses who violate the regulation face fines up to $2,000.

“It’s really a fairness issue. It’s equal access is what we’re trying to get,” Greenlee knowledgeable CBS in February.

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