Penn Book Center will stay open with new owners

Penn Book Center, the independently-owned Penn adjoining bookstore that’s been open since 1962, willfully stay open following its months-long battle for survival.

In a press launch posted to the PBC site, former owners Ashley Montague and Michael Row talked about that thanks partially to the entire publicity and public outrage over the center’s closing, out-of-towners Matt Duquès and Diana Bellonby have purchased the world.

“We think Matt and Diana are the perfect people to build on the legacy of the Penn Book Center. As academics, they understand what makes the Penn Book Center unique, and they have the vision and energy to make it a viable trade store,” the assertion reads.

Both Duquès and Bellonby, who’re coming to Philly from Alabama, have backgrounds in English and hospitality, in response to the assertion.

PBC launched may be closing as a consequence of financial causes once more in April. But the center’s significance throughout the literary group at Penn, and in Philly on the large, sparked widespread public outcry as a result of it’s probably one of many ultimate unbiased bookstores of its selection throughout the metropolis. A petition and protests calling for the University of Pennsylvania to step in garnered city-wide consideration.

In May, PBC launched it’d stay open by means of so it’d attempt to formulate a new advertising technique alongside Penn.

The coronary heart is web internet hosting an event to meet the new owners on Sept.6 at 6 p.m.

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