Model had breast implants removed after she says body began rejecting them

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A model who has had 9 breast augmentations has had to have her implants removed after one began “forcing” itself out of her chest. Bobbi Billard, who has spent nearly $100,000 on magnificence procedures, noticed one among her breasts was beginning to swell, flip purple and was warmth to the contact.

The 43-year-old claims she was dismissed by medical docs for six months and given antibiotics sooner than her indicators intensified closing summer time season. Billard, from Las Vegas, Nevada, in the end went to see her surgeon who suggested her she needed to have the implant taken out immediately.

The medic moreover removed the fluid that had constructed up inside her breast and despatched it to a lab, nonetheless after plenty of assessments consultants had been unable to search out out the type of an an infection.


She believes she was affected by an unknown autoimmune illness and opted to have her implants out for good.


Billard had her first breast augmentation in 1993 aged 18 inside the hope it may further her career as a model and actress.

Billard allegedly noticed one of the wounds had split once she had the implant removed, causing further body aches and pains.

Billard allegedly noticed one in all many wounds had reduce up as quickly as she had the implant removed, inflicting further body aches and pains.

She went on to have an extra eight surgical procedures to attempt to restore a complication she had developed commonly known as capsular contracture, which causes scar tissue throughout the implant to tighten.


“I felt like I was being poisoned from the inside out,” Billard acknowledged. “After over two decades of having breast implants, I think my body decided enough was enough. I’d spent a small fortune over the years, $100,000 as I was constantly trying to correct my capsular contracture. Each surgery cost no less than $10,000 but I made my money as a model which required me to look a certain way and had no choice but to keep getting surgery to fix them.”

“But by 2019, which was 26 years after my first operation, I decided to have my implants removed after years of suffering from an unknown autoimmune illness,” she acknowledged. “I had no energy, dark circles around my eyes, chronic neck and back pain, joint pain and itching eyes just to name a few.”


Billard acknowledged she began researching her indicators on-line and study Breast Implant Illness (BII), one factor medical professionals have not acknowledged as a scenario.

“Breast implants are made from toxic chemicals,” she acknowledged. “If water bottles can leak chemicals into the water we drink, then why is it a stretch to think that breast implants can leach chemicals inside of our bodies and enter our bloodstream? There was no doubt that my mystery illness was being caused by my breast implants.”

Billard acknowledged that she continues to be recovering from the newest surgical process, after going from a DD to a B cup.


“For the first time, I am happier, wiser and on the road to being the healthiest I have ever been,” she acknowledged. “I’m not going to lie, my breasts do look like shriveled raisins but I am learning to love and embrace my new figure.”

Billard claims she was not aware of the hazards of breast surgical process no matter current course of 9 operations in complete.

“I cannot recall one plastic surgeon telling me that breast implants can cause problems if they haven’t even ruptured in the nine breast surgeries I had,” she acknowledged. “It’s as a lot because the affected particular person to keep up observe of the devices put into their our our bodies which many are unaware solely closing 10 years, they don’t closing a lifetime. As I proceed to heal, I proceed to evaluation more and more extra about breast implants and the ailments they may set off.

“No one actually is aware of what chemical substances are used to make implants or the implications these have,” she acknowledged.

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