Mariah Carey wins ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’ with top-popping note

Mariah Carey wins 'Bottle Cap Challenge' with top-popping note

Now, that is some vocal kung fu. On Sunday, Mariah Carey tweeted out her try on the #BottleHighChallenge — solely as an alternative of utilizing a roundhouse kick to pop off the bottle cap, she used her multi-octave voice.

“Challenge accepted!” the pop diva captioned the six-second video, by which, carrying two glittering exterior corsets, she makes strikes to look as if she’s aiming in preparation to kick the cap, solely to place a finger in her ear and hit a sky-high note, sending the cap flying.

The video has racked up 20.5 million views and counting in simply 24 hours — main many to agree Carey has formally received the newest viral “challenge.”

“It’s Over,” Sony Music Global wrote, “No one can top this!!!”

“So this caused the earthquake huh?” Garrett Greenlee commented, referring to the California quakes that hit this weekend.

“SORRY MARIAH I HAD TO,” one other person responded alongside with a five-second clip of Mariah’s video lower with a screaming goat.

The social media craze has additionally been taken on just lately by actor Jason Statham, singer John Mayer and UFC champ Conor McGregor.

For those seeking to give it a go, loosen the cap of a glass or plastic bottle and both kick – or sing – it off without breaking the bottle.

Other alternate takes on bottle cap elimination shared within the feedback on Mariah’s video embody throwing a shoe at a sizzling sauce bottle and farting off a water bottle lid.

The viral stunt seems to have originated with Taekwondo champ Farabi Davletchin, who posted an Instagram video of himself kicking the highest off a plastic water bottle a final week.

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