John Oliver tackles Trump’s ‘lack of humanity’

The host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” devoted loads of Sunday’s current to Trump’s visits to El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, throughout the wake of remaining weekend’s mass shootings there.

Oliver cited Trump boasting regarding the crowds who greeted him and putting his thumb up in with a toddler orphaned throughout the shootings as symbolic of the President’s “pathological lack of empathy.”

“Wow,” the host said. “Look, we all know how much Trump struggles to do the bare minimum of being a president, but it’s still genuinely shocking just how much he struggles to do the bare minimum of being a f***ing person.”

“Just consider the thought process that happened there,” Oliver added. “He visited a hospital filled with victims of a mass shooting and thought to himself, ‘Remember that other time when I was the center of attention and it was better?’ And then he thought, ‘Do you think anyone else remembers that?’ Then he thought, ‘I should remind them, right?’ Then he thought, ‘Great idea!'”

He reminded the viewers that Trump’s unusual habits should not distract Americans from combating for stricter gun authorized tips.

“What action, if any, will be taken on guns?” he requested.

“While you’re kind of conditioned at this point to think, ‘Absolutely none.’ The pressure is building,” Oliver said, exhibiting a crowd screaming, “Do something!” at Republican Gov. Mike DeWine at a vigil following the Dayton capturing.

Oliver referenced present troubles all through the National Riffle Association.

“It all started last year when federal investigators started looking into whether a Russian agent [Maria Butina] had used the NRA to infiltrate Republican policies — which is already comfortably bad enough. But then, the New York state attorney general started looking into their tax-exempt status because the NRA is technically a nonprofit, and it turns out there have been some very suspicious expenditures,” the comedian outlined.

He continued: “Obviously, the death of NRATV is a tragedy — thoughts and prayers to all those affected — but the bottom line is, for the first time in a while, things are not actually looking great for the NRA, so does this mean that gun control could finally happen? Mitch McConnell has hinted at the action on background checks, but he’s also refused to recall the Senate and might be hoping that by the time it’s back in session, the pressure will be off.”

“Meanwhile, the president has said that he’s willing to stand up to the NRA, but he’s also one, a liar; and two, likely to identify with an organization that has spent itself into colossal debt, has troubling ties to Russia, and is associated with s***ty TV programs and very bad taste.”

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