Issa Rae accepting an award is confidence to aspire to

While accepting the rising entrepreneur award on the event, Rae delivered a speech that ought to encourage anyone with an ounce of self-doubt to stop dropping their time on that nonsense.

Though she began with a disclaimer that she was about to say the choice of all of the items she’d often say in a speech of this nature, Rae powered forward with an unapologetic ode to understanding your self-worth.

“Entrepreneur means I did that st by myself,” Rae talked about, to laughing viewers, in accordance with video from the event.

Those who come after her, she talked about, “need to bow down.”

“I’m closing all doors behind me, so if you didn’t make it in, oops, your bad,” she joked.

Instead of heaping reward on a prolonged checklist of brokers, managers, and execs, Rae learns names and added: “y’all some suckers.”

To executives at HBO, the place her hit comedy “Insecure” airs, she talked about, “keep running me my money. Please, and thank you.”

If the gang’s laughter is any indication, it was a refreshing departure from the Hollywood event norm.

Rae closed her speech with a kicker that belongs on bumper stickers and or mounted above your bedroom mirror: “Entrepreneur till I die; I deserve this. Bye.”

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