How to prepare for 2020 home-shopping house tours

Now that the presents are all opened, the candles have been lit, and the New Year’s cheers are just about all said, it is time to gear up for getting once more to work.

And if 2020 is the 12 months for a model new house for you, listed below are just some solutions to keep in mind as you prepare to go house buying, significantly once you’re bringing your kids with you.

Plan ahead: Plan for snacks, potty breaks and leisure for your kiddos. Make sure they’ve had an amazing breakfast or lunch sooner than you set out. Plan to convey helpful, minimally messy, and easy to pack snacks and water.

Perhaps it is easier for you to comply along with your agent in your particular person’s car, replete with car seats and entertaining toys and snacks fairly than swap all of that gear into your agent’s car. Then plan for managing the kids whereas they’re touring the homes.

Make a tricky and fast rule about not carrying any of their toys into the homes you are touring; that method they will lose one thing helpful throughout the course of. Also, make a tricky and fast rule about not touching any of the other kids’ toys once they’re in one other individual’s house.

Secure your valuables: Keep your purse, pockets, cellphone and car keys shut to you as you get in and out of your car. Or merely preserve your keys and phone with you and protected the whole leisure in your car’s glove compartment or trunk.

Lock your car at every house. Know the place your car keys are at all times. Use your phone to take footage of the houses as you search around.

Assign roles: Even in the event you’re touring solo, plan ahead for what you need to accomplish as you tour each house. Print out the MLS information on each house on your tour and make notes as you go to each one of the homes.

Assess each one of the homes in opposition to your “must-have” guidelines completely and systematically. If there are two adults, divvy up the roles and have one wrangle the kids and the other make thorough and systematic notes.

Dress appropriately: Raincoats, umbrellas and warmth jackets are also in order, counting on the local weather. Check the forecast the day sooner than so chances are you’ll pack the appropriate gear.

Or chances are you’ll merely stand up, throw the kids throughout the car and wing it.

Leslie Sargent Eskildsen is an agent with Realty One Group. She is likely to be reached at 949-678-3373 or

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