HBO bigwig brushes off criticism of ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

HBO’s president of programming talked about the writers of “Game of Thrones” had the ending of the sequence “in their heads for a long time” in a wide-ranging interview printed after the finale on Sunday.

Casey Bloys spoke to Deadline regarding the divisive response to the ending, a quantity of gaffes throughout the remaining season and his working relationship with current writers & David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

When requested if he’d talked about numerous endings with the 2 writers, Bloys talked about he trusted them to make the very best decision for the current.

“They are very smart, very bright, very methodical,” Bloys instructed the leisure data web site.

“They’ve had this in their heads for a long time. So there weren’t big debates about, should it end this way or not end this way, this is what they had planned,” he added.

Bloys added that the merciless response to the sequence finale by some followers spoke to ardor of the current’s fanbase.

“I think based on online reaction, which you do have to take with a grain of salt, it does seem split and I think that’s about right — some people are going to love it, some people are going to hate it,” he talked about throughout the interview.

“But the point is, everybody is feeling really passionate about it,” he added.

Bloys talked about the equivalent was true for the fan’s response to a quantity of bloopers throughout the remaining season — along with a Starbucks espresso cup that made its means proper right into a scene.

“The fascination with that, the divisive reaction to the finale, all of it is a testament to how much people were invested and engaged with the show,” Bloys talked about.

“Some people have very strong negative opinions and obviously some positive opinions,” he added. “But I take all of this as a really great sign of what the show has been able to do to stay in the cultural conversation to have people passionately debate the characters and the storylines. That’s what you want a show to do.”

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