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Los Angeles lecturers sporting “#RedforED” t-shirts are threatening to strike for bigger wages. Their wage schedule ranges from $50,368 for model spanking new lecturers to $112,963 for senior educators. High-performing new lecturers earn $62,000 a lot much less due to counterintuitive union pointers that forbid profit pay, nevertheless the district already offered 6 % to increase the differ from $53,390 to $119,740. Add at least 30 % for benefits and the differ rises from $69,407 to $155,662. That’s a fairly good residing for a 10-month job.

Yet #RedforED protests rage on. Under the guise of, “We’re raising our voices t support every student,” educators are shuttering Los Angeles faculties. They’re demanding a moratorium on structure faculties — the very faculties many school college students need.

What evokes well-paid lecturers to deny the desires of youngsters they love in change for offended strikes they detest? Union deception and brutality.

#RedforED walkouts are deceptively promoted as a “grassroots movement” led by lecturers, nevertheless my coach good pal Catherine Barrett helped develop #RedforED as a pacesetter in her union. She suggested me, “Arizona Education Association (AEA) was present for every meeting while forming #RedforED. If we were grassroots, we would have had meetings without AEA.”

Then National Education Association adopted Business Item 116: “NEA will use its digital resources to promote ‘wear #red4ed Wednesday’ nationally.” They equipped T-shirts too.

Catherine joined #RedforED to battle for bigger wages, nevertheless after Arizona’s governor granted coach raises, her union disparaged him. She suggested me, “They never even thanked him; they brought in agitators from Chicago and morphed ‘#RedforED’ into the ‘#InvestinED’ ballot initiative to raise taxes on Arizonans. It was obvious, teachers were used to promote the propaganda of the NEA.”

Catherine moreover observed by means of their politics, “At no time were we bipartisan. It was all far left. They actually asked me at one point, ‘Well, you’re a Democrat, right?’ When I said I was Republican, there was a hit piece written about me.”

State and nationwide lecturers’ unions create all kinds of offended, far-left “grassroots movements” off the backs of lecturers. Educator activists lead Antifa, the Women’s March, Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street. March for our Lives was organized by coach union leaders, and NEA gave its highest award to Colin Kaepernick whereas union leaders took a knee all through the nationwide anthem.

Yet lecturers akin to Catherine and I are horrified by these offended actions our dues fund. But after we push once more, we’re brutalized.

Tracie Happel served deaf and hard-of-hearing children for 25 years in Wisconsin public faculties. She dared to refuse to affix the large union protests in opposition to Gov. Walker’s Act 10 reforms. She believed the reforms had been good for her school college students and her state. She spoke out in help of Walker, so the unions destroyed her career.

Immediately after speaking out, Tracie was away from administration positions, labeled mentally unstable and accused of harming children. The administration questioned every scholar looking for proof in opposition to Tracie. “I couldn’t believe the frightening ideas these school officials were putting into the heads of precious children,” she suggested me. “They were all traumatized.”

Tracie feared the union and administration would proceed to harm the children attributable to their hatred for her, so she resigned.

Since the education established order blocked her from educating in public faculties, she was pressured to work in a grocery retailer,until she lastly found a job in a non-union structure college.

Great lecturers uncover refuge from bully unions in charters, so NEA responded with resolutions to completely unionize charters and adopted Business Item 28: “A charter schools moratorium toolkit…” That’s why lecturers incomes good salaries are manipulated to affix strikes in opposition to structure faculties children adore.

Tracie suggested me: “It scares me to death that unions might come in and take over my school. They’re going to polarize teachers, parents and kids. They’ll do all of the things they’ve done to ruin public schools to charter schools.”

While ruining public faculties, union #RedforED messaging deceives with: “We’re raising our voices to protect public schools.” That’s on account of, as Don Cameron, the NEA’s former authorities director, talked about: “NEA’s future is inextricably linked to the well-being of public education … [O]ur job is to continue advocating for our members, and the surest way to protect their jobs is to protect public education.”

The two nationwide lecturers’ unions, NEA and AFT, boast entire membership of 4.7 million educators, and dues frequent $1,000 yearly. Do the arithmetic: $4.7 billion, tax free. Money used to push their offended, far-left social, sexual and political agenda. That’s why unions are “raising our voices to protect public schools.” Who cares in regards to the children. Kids don’t pay dues.

We no longer need be deceived, used and brutalized, lecturers. The Janus Supreme Court ruling gives us the freedom to position children first and pay unions nothing. Citizens, an precise grassroots movement exists too, so #AdoptATeacher, and educate lecturers about their rights. Then help us as we #StandUpToGoliathUnions.

Rebecca Friedrichs is a 28-year California public college coach and the founding father of For Kids and Country, a nationwide movement to revive the voices and authority of parents, lecturers and school college students in America’s faculties. She is the author of the model new information “Standing Up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of our Kids and Country.”

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