Florida man says he contracted flesh-eating bacteria infection despite not entering water

A Florida man who’s recovering from a flesh-eating bacteria infection talked about he was going by way of his common routine closing Friday and had gone for a paddle all through a dune lake, nevertheless on no account entered the water, sooner than he started rising discomfort in his arm.


“I NEVER got into the water,” Tyler “TK” King wrote in a Facebook put up on June 30. “After returning to the dock, we went on an electric bike ride down 30A bike bath and thru [SIC] a local state park. Halfway thru [SIC] the bike ride, I started to experience a little discomfort in my left arm. Upon returning to where we started, my arm was starting to get pretty sore. I had figured that it was from riding aggressively thru [SIC] the trail, as it’s been a while since I’ve ridden a bike like that.”

But merely 30 minutes later, King claims he noticed swelling and discoloration. He talked about a pal marked the rash borders so he may monitor its unfold, and that he took Benadryl to see if it can help.

“Benadryl knocks me out big time so I was immediately out before waking up 2 hours later to find that the rash and swelling had nearly tripled in size,” he wrote.

He went into the emergency room, the place he was allegedly acknowledged with Vibrio vulnificus, additionally known as flesh-eating bacteria. He talked about he was given 4 fully totally different prescriptions and was later discharged as a result of the swelling and rash have subsided. He talked about the ache stays, and that he has quite a lot of further days on antibiotics.

Vibrio vulnificus is a bacterium that might be an unusual rationalization for illness throughout the U.S. and normally occurs in of us with a compromised immune system or an underlying illness, in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The bacteria is a pure inhabitant of coastal waters, and people who develop wound infections normally obtain this after being uncovered to brackish or salt water.


Treatment in a well-timed methodology is critical to handle the infection, with aggressive consideration to the wound web site. Amputation of the contaminated limb may be important to cease it from spreading.

But King’s case was fully totally different in that there was no wound, and the infection had not, however, unfold to his muscle tissue.

“The infection from the bacteria did not reach the point of it causing necrotizing fasciitis and actually destroying my muscle tissue and arm only because I acted quickly on getting medical treatment,” he talked about. “As quickly as it was spreading, only half a day or so more could have made some serious life-altering changes to my body.”

King talked about he was sharing his story because of he hadn’t entered the water, and did not have any open wounds or cuts and that it is “100% unknown as to why or how I was infected, but I was infected none the less.”

“Bacteria, good and bad, is present everywhere in this world,” he wrote. “It is even important to have good bacteria in your stomach to help your body process food. With proper care, bad situations can be avoided. Listen to your body and never take unnecessary risks when it comes to your wellbeing.”

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