Firefighters Ambushed in Brussels No-Go Zone May Have Been ‘Lured’ There

Members of a fireside squad attacked whereas responding to a reputation in the Brussels migrant ghetto of Molenbeek think about they may have been lured there, based mostly on tales.

An emergency crew arrived on the scene of garbage can blaze in the notorious no-go zone sooner than realizing the highway had been partially blocked with completely different containers.

“When we approached the fire, our fire truck was suddenly pelted with glass bottles. They were thrown at us by people standing on the roof of a building. Projectiles were also thrown during the extinguishing,” spokesman Walter Derieuw knowledgeable Het Nieuwsblad.

While the truck sustained minor hurt, no accidents had been reported.

Derieuw says crew members are suspicious in regards to the circumstances surrounding the assault.

“They can hardly put these facts in place,” Derieuw said. “We wonder if we were not deliberately lured to the scene in order to attack us.”

An investigation has been launched by native authorities, and Mayor Catherine Moureaux has imposed a ban on gatherings between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. in the Molenbeekse Sippelberg district, SCEPTR tales.

“We cannot understand that aid workers while carrying out their tasks and serving the population, become victims of senseless violence,” police spokeswoman Caroline Vervaet said.

Attacks in opposition to firefighters and emergency responders have flip into increasingly widespread in Belgium and completely different European nations, as Infowars has reported.

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