Elisabeth Moss wants to star in a Hallmark movie

The actress revealed her love of all points Hallmark all through Vulture Festival’s “Anatomy of a Performance,” even admitting that she has the Hallmark movie app downloaded on her phone.

“[I downloaded the app] for Christmas last year, because I needed a way to watch Hallmark Christmas movies,” she talked about. “I needed a way to access all my Christmas movies because I love Hallmark Christmas movies and I watch as many of them as possible.”

“I’m into it, I want to do it. People who write should definitely write one for me,” she talked about. “I actually would love to do a Hallmark Christmas movie!”

She even had an unfastened plot in ideas, along with a twist the place her character would flip sinister.

“I’d be a shop-owner, and there’d be a Christmas tree farmer, you know, I’d hate him at first,” she talked about, together with, “In my Hallmark movie I’d probably end up losing the baby somewhere,” Moss laughed. “There’d be a lot of mascara, and then I’d stab someone.”

There’s the Moss everyone knows and loves.

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