Dr. Marc Siegel advises passengers aboard quarantined cruise ship not to panic: ‘Look out on the ocean’

A cruise ship has been quarantined on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia due to a confirmed case of the measles, nevertheless NYU medical professor Dr. Marc Siegel acknowledged the smartest factor the passengers can do is maintain their cool.

The quarantine of virtually 300 passengers aboard the ship has taken place amongst a nationwide outbreak of measles, as virtually 700 cases have been reported all through the United States.

There has solely been one case confirmed on the ship, named “Freewinds,” nevertheless the sickness could be very contagious and should unfold quickly amongst these unvaccinated. The contaminated specific individual aboard is reportedly in safe state of affairs.

During an look on “America’s Newsroom” on Friday, Dr. Siegel acknowledged that it’s not uncommon for infections to break out on cruise ships, on account of they keep quite a lot of people in shut quarters and are typically not adequately disinfected.


Although the measles outbreak and quarantine in St. Lucia is set off for alarm, Dr. Siegel, who authored the book “False Alarm,” acknowledged that the majority people recognized with the virus end up being top quality.

“This isn’t the time I’m going to go on TV and warn about those rare complications of the measles or warn about hospitalization,” he knowledgeable host Bill Hemmer.

In this case, he says, these on the ship would do correctly to have some “diversionary activity” to take their minds off of the stress, paying homage to exercising in an house that is measles-free.

“If you are on the boat the best thing you can do is realize that the vast majority of the time if you’ve got measles, you would recover uneventfully. And also go out on the balcony, look out on the ocean,” he added.

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