Does LAUSD exist to serve students or public sector unions?

It’s unfortunate that Rembrandt, Picasso, Bach and Beethoven weren’t members of the Service Employees International Union, Local 99. If they’ve been, there may very well be a chance of getting them once more into the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Instead, the district is spending education tax to improve staffing in non-teaching union jobs, after which moaning that taxes are too low to help public education adequately.

The precise truth is hiding in plain sight on the net websites of the unions that school board members fawningly identify “our labor partners,” almost certainly out of fear that within the occasion that they ever stop fawning, the following election might even see these unions confederate with a rival candidate. Public employee unions in California pump obscene portions of money into political campaigns, money that comes from dues funds withheld from the paychecks of union members. More members means additional cash, additional vitality and further fawning.

One means to improve the ranks of the membership is to battle in opposition to low-cost and important cost-savings measures, corresponding to subcontracting some work to non-public companies, and coercing LAUSD to hire additional union employees in its place.

SEIU Local 99 brags on its site that its most up-to-date contract has secured “improved staffing levels.” For occasion, the district agreed to arrange a “$2 Million Cleanliness Fund,” which “shall be managed by a committee composed of SEIU Local 99 members and representatives from management to improve school cleanliness.”

It’s not clear exactly what which means. Maybe they’re planning to hire additional employees to clear up the mess when the slush fund overflows.

The district moreover agreed to arrange a pilot program “to give Local 99 members the opportunity” to develop to be a “Behavior Intervention Implementation Provider,” in its place of getting that work go to subcontractors. “This will improve staffing as BIIs become district employees,” the union says.

Notice that the primary focus isn’t on what’s biggest for troubled children nonetheless on the need to have additional union members working for the district. There are moreover “improved protections against the subcontracting of Unit B and C work.” Local 99 members in Units B and C embody “Special Education Assistants and Bus Drivers.”

LAUSD officers have repeatedly bargained away the facility to administration costs. The district gave up administration of the effectively being benefits package deal deal to a “Health Benefits Committee” led by the lecturers’ union. The committee determines what the benefits package deal deal will in all probability be. Of course, the school board members ought to approve it. But good luck to them throughout the subsequent election within the occasion that they don’t.

In April 2015, LAUSD despatched out a info launch celebrating that the Board of Education authorised a 3-year plan that will worth larger than $3 billion for the effectively being benefits of energetic and retired LAUSD employees and their dependents. “The tentative agreement maintains coverage for more than 61,500 employees, 37,400 retirees and their eligible dependents,” with the district “absorbing those costs,” the knowledge launch declared, noting that the district may want to “tap reserve funds to cover expenses.” The settlement allowed the district to deplete to $147 million, or virtually half the reserve fund, to cowl any shortfalls.

Former Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines acknowledged he was hopeful the settlement would “calm the unrest” and be good for “morale,” which was sagging due to the potential of funds reductions and job cuts. However, he warned, persevering with safety on the same stage in future contracts would require additional funding. “Drastic changes need to be made if we are to sustain health benefits and honor our commitment to employees and retirees,” he acknowledged.

But no modifications have been made. In January 2018, a model new effectively being benefits settlement was launched between the district and the entire “labor partners,” along with SEIU, Teamsters, UTLA and unions representing the establishing trades, faculty police and administrators.

SEIU Local 99 boasted that the 3-year settlement preserved “all current healthcare plans, at no additional costs to members,” with “no two-tier system with lower benefits for new employees,” and with a assured reserve to help pay for bigger costs earlier 2020.

“We were able to beat back cuts to our health care benefits,” the union declared. “Now let’s keep fighting to expand benefits to more members and ensure a strong contract!”

Maybe you thought the purpose of public colleges was to educate children. Live and be taught.

Susan Shelley is an editorial creator and columnist for the Southern California News Group. Twitter: @Susan_Shelley.

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