Doctor apologizes after toddler diagnosed with ‘chest infection’ died from undetected sepsis

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A second doctor who did not show an sick toddler for sepsis has apologized to her grieving family after she died decrease than 24 hours after being misdiagnosed with a “chest infection.” Dr. Claire Verey, who examined Marcie Tadman in December 2017 after she was admitted to Bath’s Royal United Hospital, acknowledged her evaluation was “based purely on the Marcie I saw in front of me.”

Verey, who was speaking all through an Avon Coroner’s Court inquest, did not use a sepsis screening software program, and had determined that the toddler’s indicators had been “bacterial pneumonia.”


“This is my only explanation for not doing the sepsis test,” she acknowledged, in holding with SWNS. “I cannot fully explain why sepsis didn’t pop up in my head. It’s just I genuinely felt that all the signs pointed to pneumonia. Rather than using the screening tool, I used my own judgment looking at Marcie as she was in front of me. I apologize wholeheartedly for what happened to Marcie.”

Marcie landed inside the emergency room after her indicators, which had first been diagnosed by Dr. Victoria James as an “upper respiratory tract infection,” began taking a flip for the extra critical.

Her father acknowledged that Marcie’s cough was worsening, and when it stopped in the middle of the night time time he went to confirm on her and situated the toddler “awake and listless,” in holding with SWNS. He then rushed her to the emergency room, the place he claims employees was inattentive and lacked urgency.

“Doctors and nurses kept coming in and out throughout the day, and they all said there was nothing to worry about,” he suggested the inquest, in holding with the data outlet. “They said we’d be back home in two days. They told me not to worry.”

He acknowledged his daughter was diagnosed with a “chest infection,” and was suggested the advisable course of remedy was antibiotics, nonetheless the medication did not level out for quite a lot of hours. He claims he was suggested his daughter might be transferred to the pediatric ward, nonetheless that she nonetheless had not obtained the treatment after six hours of being admitted.


He claims that at one degree, one different employees member questioned why Marcie hadn’t been moved into the ICU, nonetheless by that point his daughter’s scenario had rapidly deteriorated.

“As they started to move her, Marcie looked at me, looked straight into my eyes, and took one big breath,” he acknowledged, in holding with SWNS. “Then she seemed to turn off as she exhaled and went limp.”

Marcie died after quite a lot of hours of tried resuscitation. Her dying was attributed to group A streptococcal infections, collectively with sepsis and pneumonia.

“There’s definitely lessons to be learnt,” Verey suggested the inquest. “Pediatric sepsis is a difficult area, but it’s getting far better trained. You have to be more cautious with everything you do with a child, which is why making a diagnosis of sepsis can be so much more difficult.”

Verey acknowledged that if Marcie would have been screened for sepsis, she would have been given antibiotics sooner. She acknowledged that it’s doable she didn’t show for the an an infection because of “putting a drip into an adult is a relatively easy thing to do, but getting a drip into a child is not so straightforward.”

“I know that thought crossed my mind at the time, and meant that I maybe didn’t get a drip in to start giving antibiotics perhaps as quickly as the sepsis guidelines dictated,” she acknowledged. “The sepsis screening tool is designed to be quite a blunt tool, and it will pick up a lot of children who are far less ill than Marcie was and who maybe not need the full screening. Therefore rather than using the tool I used my judgement looking at Marcie as she was in front of me, and maybe that’s why she didn’t get the treatment.”

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