Congressional Hispanic Caucus members get taste of ‘Vida’ in Hollywood

So when members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, in the town for a two-day go to Los Angeles, stopped by the set on Thursday, the cast didn’t shrink again from telling them their truth.

“I think the reason why ‘Vida’ has done so well is that it’s a show about Latinos written by Latinos,” actress Chelsea Rendon instructed a desk that included Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro and California Rep. Jimmy Gomez. “That’s a problem in Hollywood and a barrier they need to break down. They want to give us diversity on screen but that stems from behind the scenes.”

She talked about the nuisances normally seen on “Vida” aren’t points that in another case could be there have been the current not been written and led by Latino creators.

Case in degree: the current’s political visitors stopped by hours sooner than the cast was going to a film an unlimited get-together scene, referred to in the current as a “queerceañera,” a play on the phrase quinceañera. (The storyline sees a persona named Marcos throwing himself a “double quince” for his 30th birthday.)

“Vida,” presently in manufacturing on its third season, has been praised for its portrayals of the Latinx and LGBTQ communities. Earlier this 12 months, it obtained the National Hispanic Media Coalition’s (NHMC) Impact Award for wonderful television assortment and a GLADD Media Award.

The current is comprised of an all Latinx cast and writing workers, and Season 2 was directed solely by Latina directors, as will every little thing of Season 3.

A stop by the “Vida” set was one of 15 conferences members of the caucus have been set to take all through their journey. Also on the books had been conferenced with Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Netflix, Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Warner Bros., in addition to companies and guilds.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus members get taste of 'Vida' in Hollywood

The function was to check further about what Castro sees as one of many important factors for the Caucus to kind out.

Speaking to the cast, Castro, a Democrat, zeroed in on the portrayals of Latinos in films and television. A study out of USC Annenberg earlier this 12 months found that 28% of Latino characters seen in films have been criminals.

“It’s important that when folks are on television or film that the community is represented in a balanced way,” Castro talked about.

Showrunner Tanya Saracho agrees consequently of she sees a direct correlation between paintings and protection.

“We are creating a culture and that affects perspective and eventually that can change legislation,” she instructed CNN. “I think it’s not just TV we’re making — not when you’re brown people. When you’re brown people and you get to make a show like this, it’s a political act.”

She added: “I’m excited they’re paying attention because we are part of the ecology of this country. I’m so glad they’re seeing what dire state we’re in but also how much value we have.”

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