Chester’s Power Home Remodeling named one of U.S.’s 10 best workplaces for millennials

If you’re a teenager searching for to start a career, there are far worse places to look than the Philadelphia area.

Power Home Remodeling, the surface home remodeling agency based in Chester, Delaware County, was named the seventh-best big workplace for millennials throughout the United States by Fortune journal. The score marks an incremental step down from 2018 when the company was the sixth-best workplace for millennials.

The file put Power Home Remodeling ahead of heavyweight agency names like Progressive Insurance, Adobe, and American Express, amongst others. The agency moreover landed virtually 50 spots ahead of the Philadelphia area’s second agency on the file, Comcast NBCUniversal, which clocked in at No. 56.

What, exactly, did Fortune like rather a lot about Power Home Remodeling that makes it good for millennial employees?

For one issue, Fortune opinions a staggering 92% of the company’s 2,269-person workforce is comprised of millennials, which is a fairly good indication of who the company serves best.

In a related Great Place To Work survey, 99% of Power Home Remodeling employees said they’d been recurrently made to essentially really feel welcome after they joined the company; 98% said they felt administration was competent; 98% felt they bought the sources wished to do their job; and 96% said Power Home Remodeling was basic a terrific – not good, nevertheless good – place to work.

A phrase cloud drew from the survey data moreover featured the phrase “culture” as one of the most-referenced options, a fundamental millennial buzzword for a satisfying trendy workplace.

Earlier this 12 months, Fortune launched its basic file of the 100 best places to work, which included Power Home Remodeling at No. 77, and three totally different Pennsylvania workplaces, along with Delaware and New Jersey illustration.

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