CEQA: How to mend it since you can’t end it

CEQA: How to mend it since you can’t end it

It’s no coincidence that California’s housing prices began to diverge from the rest of the nation in 1970 – the very 12 months that the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) was enacted.

According to California’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst, “Between 1970 and 1980, California home prices went from 30 percent above U.S. levels to more than 80 percent higher.” By 2015, the standard California dwelling value spherical 250% of the standard U.S. dwelling.

Of course, precise property prices, constructing costs, authorities costs, permitting delays, and zoning restrictions all contribute to California’s moderately priced housing catastrophe. But CEQA moreover gives important costs.

CEQA requires an environmental affect report (an EIR) each time a authorities firm proposes to approve a enterprise (along with housing duties) that can have a big effect on the setting. The costs for an EIR can range from $200,000 to a whole bunch of hundreds of .

And the obligation to assemble such a report causes delay that contributes to elevated costs. California’s Legislative Analyst estimates that California’s ten largest cities averaged 2 ½ years to approve housing duties that required an EIR.

Moreover, after the enterprise is permitted, enterprise opponents have used CEQA to extra delay and thwart duties by way of prolonged litigation that challenges purported omissions or inaccuracies throughout the EIRs’ extraordinarily technical tomes.

These lawsuits add numerous of 1000’s of in attorneys’ costs to a enterprise’s value and set off multi-year delays, which, in flip, lead to even elevated setting up costs than obtainable when the enterprise was initially deliberate. Worse nonetheless, financing for a enterprise is usually not on the market by means of the CEQA litigation.

Thus, whereas CEQA’s goal is laudable, it contributes to the extreme value of housing developments. And elevated constructing costs make moderately priced housing a lot much less worthwhile, which, in flip, makes it a lot much less participating to develop. Significantly, between 2005 and 2014, California constructed fewer houses per explicit particular person than New York and Texas.

However, there are some low cost reforms that might mitigate these costs with out undermining CEQA’s goal:

Eliminate the Automatic Right of Appeal for Meritless Cases

Every CEQA swimsuit features a trial and an equally extended attraction.

Substituting the proper to attraction with a correct to writ overview could decrease by half the scale and worth of CEQA litigation, whereas decreasing the burden on the courts. Under California laws, the California courts of attraction can deny overview of a meritless writ petition with out the in depth briefing and argument involved in an attraction, decreasing the appellate stage to only a few months.

And to defend a celebration with a sound attraction, this reform could require the appeals courtroom to grant writ overview, allowing for full briefing and oral argument, for any factors throughout which the complaining event has a minimum of a 50% probability of prevailing.

Prevent Ambushes

Under CEQA, no event would possibly downside the adequacy of an EIR based totally on a deficiency till that particular person concern was launched sooner than the governmental firm’s final enterprise approval. However, there are ordinarily a lot of options to enhance such claims by means of the executive course of, along with when the first draft of the EIR is circulated for public comment.

Unfortunately, some claimants enhance factors late throughout the course of, corresponding to on the final word day of the final word governmental approval, leaving no time to adequately cope with the problem with out starting part of the tactic all through.

The Legislature could scenario the proper to litigate a problem upon its being raised by means of the EIR’s public comment interval and can forbid litigation of any concern that might have been raised, nevertheless was not raised, in response to an earlier draft of the EIR. This reform would encourage diligence and avoid ambushes.

EIRs cope with extraordinarily technical measurements of environmental impacts over future a very long time based totally on troublesome analytic fashions. Naturally, oversights and errors can occur in paperwork comprising 1000’s of pages.

The Legislature ought to codify a “harmless error” regular that forestalls the courts from overturning enterprise approvals the place the omitted information would most likely not have affected the enterprise’s approval and did not significantly affect most people’s potential to contemplate the enterprise’s complete impacts.


It is time for the Legislature to take some low cost steps to cut back the extreme value of establishing new housing in California. The fertile self-discipline of CEQA provides some low-hanging fruit if the Legislature would solely care to pluck it.

Daniel Kolkey is a companion with Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher, LLP, a former determine, and a board member of the Pacific Research Institute

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