California should consider decriminalizing mushrooms, too

Why magic mushrooms? Why now?

The metropolis of Denver’s present vote to decriminalize possession of mushrooms containing psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound folks have been consuming for eons nonetheless that the DEA calls a Category 1 dangerous drug, might strike some Californians as a head-scratcher.

Marijuana — most everyone has encountered that totally different further usually occurring plant. But the human use of mushrooms is approach a lot much less frequent, and much a lot much less noticeable. They won’t be a part of most people’s regularly lives.

And it’s not as in the event that they’re in Colorado, each. The Atlantic experiences solely 11 people have been prosecuted in Denver for psilocybin possession beforehand three years, and the District Attorney’s Office there handled over 10,000 drug-related circumstances in that time.

But naturally enough the Denver vote has piqued curiosity in California. After all, it was in Denver that the leisure marijuana-legalization movement met its first success. Some will see that as proof a cutting-edge change in attitudes in direction of a presently illegal drug will go mainstream throughout the nation; others would identify that further of a worrisome slippery slope in direction of further drug use.

So Californians wish to focus. An equivalent effort did not get enough signatures to qualify for a statewide ballot last 12 months, nonetheless proponents will try as soon as extra for 2020, every proper right here and in Oregon. There’s a distinction between decriminalization and legalization — the Denver laws merely makes psilocybin possession by people aged 21 or older the lowest-priority crime for laws enforcement.

With the dominant prohibitionist narrative of the Just Say No-era crumbling, it’s good that drug insurance coverage insurance policies are increasingly more being subject to revision. And with respect to psilocybin, let’s recall that prohibition of psychedelics, along with mushrooms, peyote and LSD, is just about 50 years outdated. Prohibition doesn’t should be set in stone.

If we’ve realized one thing from America’s experiences with prohibiting intoxicating substances, from alcohol to marijuana to mushrooms, it’s that prohibition doesn’t work. Further, the criminalization of victimless personal picks is actually inconsistent with a free society. So let’s see what is obtainable in Denver and have our private conversations.

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