‘A Christmas Prince’ stars on the magical appeal of the Netflix franchise

For this time around, we get to go to Aldovia for “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby,” the place Queen Amber, carried out by Rose McIver, King Richard, carried out by Ben Lamb, welcome a baby.

Things get crazy when King Tai and Queen Ming of the fake nation Penglia ought to sign a treaty with Amber and Richard, and if it is not accomplished in time, a curse will befall the new teenager. Yes, a curse.

McIver and Lamb spoke to CNN about participating in the ridiculously over-the-top royal family and what it needs to star in the “Christmas Prince” franchise, which streams on Netflix.

It’s the place the royal family’s fort is. It’s featured in all three “Christmas Prince” movies and is certainly Peles Castle, located in Sinaia, Romania. It has 160 rooms, each with its private theme, a film presentation, and a stay efficiency hall.

“In my mind, Aldovia smells like gingerbread and mulled wine year-round,” McIver jokes.

McIver offers that when she landed the place she was really excited to remain in Romania.

“I was thrilled to book the role of Amber, particularly because it filmed in Romania,” she says. “It was somewhere I knew little about, but found very intriguing and had never had an opportunity to visit.”

Playing a down-to-earth princess, she says, bought right here naturally to her.

“Luckily Amber struggles with the role of a princess in her life, so it wasn’t a huge leap I had to take. Being a klutz in the palace and wearing less than chic outfits came a little too naturally to me,” McIver says.

As for the cult, following the movies have, she says the franchise is just comforting for people to have a look at. Plus, the weird plot twists tossed into each movie truly ups the feel-good leisure subject.

“These movies feel almost like a million-holiday film you’ve seen before and that’s comforting,” she says, “But rest assured, we have a very weird streak that sets us apart, see Amber’s supernatural crime-solving in the delivery room for reference.”

Her character’s storylines are bit absurd, optimistic, nonetheless, McIver loves participating in the place, and loves the strong, who she says is in on the joke.

“My favorite part about playing Amber would have to be getting to see this cast for three years in a row. Such a friendly and hysterically funny bunch of people,” McIver says, together with that she hopes people like the third film enough that “they want another one.”

Her costar and onscreen husband agree that the movies are a feel-good restore for the current state of the world.

“I feel like at the moment so much of our daily news cycle is pretty challenging, and so I think it is nice in the festive season to be able to watch a fun, enjoyable and festive story with heart,” Lamb says. “Our cast is like a big family, and I think the fun we have on set really translates on the screen which makes it even more fun for people to watch. I am so grateful people are enjoying the films and we are very lucky they are.”

Lamb landed his place when three years in the previous his brokers despatched over the script and he found it to be entertaining.

“It felt like it had a more tongue-in-cheek feel than a lot of other holiday movies I had seen before,” he says.

Lamb performs the place of Aldovia’s King as an additional heightened mannequin of a precise royal family, he says, and credit score the success of the first installment of the franchise to the early curiosity in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship. “A lot of the storylines do have a sort of uncanny resemblance to Harry and Meghan’s real-life story,” Lamb says.

Now he’ll get acknowledged in the avenue as Aldovia’s king, saying, “as soon as it becomes gingerbread spice latte season, I get double-takes when I am walking down the street.”

Like McIver, he wishes to make as many of the films as he can.

“Everyone has been very positive and happy that we have done three of these and I am very happy that we can keep the holiday coziness going for people,” he says.

“A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby,” is streaming now on Netflix.

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