320 ‘Bleed Control Kits’ to be Given to Bars in London

320 ‘bleed control kits’ are to be given to bars in the City of London as a result of the UK capital’s knife crime epidemic continues to soar. The kits will be handed out by the City of London police all through the 1.12 sq. mile center of the city at a worth of £25,000. Authorities said they’d been “proud” to launch the initiative, with David Lawes, Chief Superintendent of the City of London Police, telling Sky News that the selection was a “no brainer.”“This is a really, really simple piece of kit which can make a big difference. Particularly with the most catastrophic bleeds, if you don’t get help in the first few minutes the person will almost certainly die,” said Lawes.

“The kits contain tourniquets, trauma bandages, adhesive chest seals and foil blankets, and can help treat both knife and gunshot wounds. Bar staff will be trained in their use so that victims of violent crime will not bleed out before an ambulance can reach them,” writes Jack Hadfield.

Knife crime in the City of London jumped by 43% over the previous 12 months whereas in that exact same time interval England observed a file extreme of 43,000 knife crimes all through the nation.

Violent crime ranges current little sign of coming down as authorities refuse to take care of just a few of the core causes for the bloodshed, which embrace broken households, weakened police powers, and mass migration.

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