STASI: Trump gets handsy with French president

STASI: Trump gets handsy with French president

His spouse might sound to hate him, however his French bro appears to like him. Generally.

As soon as once more Melania tried as onerous as she may to not maintain the President’s hand throughout a go to from the French first couple. However to not fear, Trump’s little fingers had been busy elsewhere-incessantly holding onto the hand of President Emmanuel Macron.

The truth is, there was a lot hand holding, touching, and grooming between the 2 world leaders that it was onerous to know whether or not they wanted to get a room or a cage.

Trump, so blinded by love of Macron (or perhaps so scared of not showing to be the dominant male) that he went as far as to publicly brush dandruff off the French president’s shoulder.

France’s Emmanuel Macron denounces nationalism earlier than Congress

Within the animal kingdom, that’s referred to as primate grooming by the alpha male. In D.C. that’s referred to as embarrassing conduct by the President.

The French president’s wife Brigitte Macron told Melania Trump (l.) of her different life in Paris.

The French president’s spouse Brigitte Macron instructed Melania Trump (l.) of her totally different life in Paris.

Worse: As Trump flicked off Macron’s dandruff he instructed reporters, “The truth is, I’ll get that little piece of dandruff off. We now have to make him excellent. He’s excellent.”

Ewww as they are saying in France.

Regardless of their high-quality bromance, Macron himself couldn’t assist however slam Trump’s worldview when he appeared earlier than a joint session of Congress, and his spouse couldn’t assist however dish on Melania after the go to.

Ronny Jackson removes himself from VA consideration

Macron instructed Congress, “We are able to select isolationism, withdrawal, and nationalism. That is an possibility. It may be tempting to us as a brief treatment to our fears. However closing the door to the world won’t cease the evolution of the world.” Mon Dieu Monsieur! Such unhealthy type.

Meantime, French first woman Brigitte Macron dished on Melania to her hometown paper Le Monde saying that she lives like a prisoner.

“She will be able to’t even open a window on the White Home,” Macron mentioned, as if she’d stood round watching Melania attempting to open the home windows all day. “She will be able to’t go exterior. She’s far more constrained than I’m. I am going out every single day in Paris.” Fortunate you.

No, it’s not as a result of Melania’s husband retains her in verify, it’s due to her safety element. This, thoughts you, from a lady who used to maintain her now-husband in verify when he was her teenage scholar and she or he was the married mom of three.

Trump’s VA decide Ronny Jackson contemplating withdrawing: report

This evaluation of America’s First Girl’s life is past nervy from the kinda-pervy French first woman. Certain, it’s effectively and good that she and her hubby are so liberal that she’s 24 years his senior, however hi there? Oh sorry, however bonjour?

They started “courting” when she was his 40-year-old drama instructor and he was a 16-year-old scholar. They’re just like the French Mary Kay Letourneau (oh, wait that sounds French too), and Vili Fualaau. In america you get arrested for that. In France you get elected for that.


Are these weird and scary, middle-of-the-night Twitter rants by virulently anti-drug Donald Trump fueled by medicine? Or make that powered by one drug-Ambien? That’s the hypnotic sedative, allegedly disbursed to White Home staffers like Tic Tacs at a garlic competition by home physician Ronny (Candyman) Jackson.

Sure, or so one GOP inner-sanctum insider believes.

Trump stokes Kanye bromance, says rapper is doing ‘nice service’


Ronny Jackson, has withdrew from President Trump’s consideration to be secretary of Veterans Affairs.

“Quickly as we noticed Trump’s ‘covfefe’ tweet,” she instructed me, “We mentioned, ‘Oh, boy, Ambien!’”

Unattainable? No. Even Dr. Jackson who withdrew from consideration for secretary of Veterans Affairs due to allegations (disputed by the White Home) of ingesting and loosely allotting robust medicine, has, actually mentioned that Trump takes Ambien once in a while on abroad flights.

Loopy Ambien tweeting is such a typical phenomenon that world shakers like Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, admit to Ambien tweeting.

Hey, what might be harmful about two of essentially the most highly effective males on the planet – one who designs spacecraft that may take people to different planets in addition to automobiles that may self-drive on this one, and the opposite man who heads a rustic of 325.7 million folks – tweeting whereas on a hypnotic sedative?

NBC Chairman acknowledges Tom Brokaw allegations in workers memo

At the least we all know our President hasn’t suffered any of the opposite reported Ambien side-effects like irregular pondering, binge consuming and unusual conduct.


It ain’t simple being Yeezy. As soon as once more the rapper has gone off his rocker — this week ranting incoherently about his love for Trump.


Kanye West took to Twitter and ranted incoherently about his love for Trump.

Trump who didn’t need to hook up with a Kardashian to sound like he’s off his rocker, returned the Twitter love posting, “Kanye West has carried out an important service to the Black Group Huge issues are occurring and eyes are being opened for the primary time in A long time Legacy Stuff!”

Kanye carried out this nice service to black folks by doing what? marrying a white lady who has as a lot substance as a Smurf? And what the hell is a “Black Group” anyway — 42 million folks is a hell of a giant neighborhood.

Greater than 60 girls in help Tom Brokaw amid harassment claims

Would the President segregate caucasians as “the White Group?” Yeezus!


Possibly you too however not #MeToo. Greater than 60 feminine journalists signed a letter of help for Tom Brokaw in response to allegations of sexual misconduct by his former colleague, Linda Vester.

Not Released (NR) AFP OUT

Greater than 60 feminine journalists signed a letter supporting Tom Brokaw.

Rachel Maddow, Maria Shriver and Andrea Mitchell had been amongst these signing the assertion that he “handled every of us with equity and respect.”

Brokaw meantime, referred to as Vester’s claims, “an ambush,” which is just about what she mentioned of him.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wins fourth four-year time period

Backside line? Simply because he didn’t attempt to kiss them doesn’t imply he didn’t attempt to kiss her. Simply saying.


In stark distinction to the Macron go to, a few days later German Chancellor Angela Merkel got here to the White Home for a loveless quickie so to talk.

President Trump (r.) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (l.) participate in a joint news conference at the East Room of the White House April 27, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

President Trump (r.) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (l.) take part in a joint information convention on the East Room of the White Home April 27, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Though Trump did shake fingers with Merkel this time, he often turned within the different route when she was talking and appeared bored.

Then, as a result of he can’t assist himself, he mentioned it was everybody else’s fault for the “lack of reciprocal relationship” between the 2 nations.

“I don’t blame the chancellor,” he mentioned. “I don’t blame Germany, or the European Union. I blame the people who preceded me for permitting this to occur.”

Really Hillary Clinton’s e mail server is in charge.

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