Miya Marcano’s family has filed a lawsuit against her apartment complex…


Miya Marcano’s family has filed a lawsuit against her apartment complex for wrongful death.

Miya Marcano’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her apartment complex and the corporation that runs it after she went missing from her Florida apartment and was later found dead in a wooded area.

According to CNN, the complaint filed earlier this week claims negligence on the part of the corporations who manage and run the Arden Villas Luxury Apartments in Orlando, where Miya resided and worked. In addition to interest, expenses, and attorneys’ fees, the complaint demands damages in excess of $30,000.

According to authorities, the lawsuit also charges battery by Armando Manuel Caballero, a maintenance worker at the Arden Villas apartments and the prime suspect in Miya’s death who committed himself after she vanished.

Miya vanished on September 24 after missing a flight home, and her body was discovered on October 2 in a forested area near Caballero’s old apartment complex. Officials say Miya’s wrists and feet were bound, and her mouth was taped shut.

Investigators «think very definitively that Armando Caballero is responsible» for Miya’s murder, according to Orange County Sheriff John Mina, and the lawsuit includes Caballero’s estate as a defendant.

Caballero, who was discovered dead on September 27, is suspected of breaking into Miya’s residence without her permission, according to authorities.

«We now know that a maintenance-issued master key fob, which Caballero was known to have, was used to enter Miya’s apartment at 4:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon.» Mina earlier stated, «This would have been around 30 minutes before she should have finished her shift at the apartment complex.»

The family wants the apartment building to be held accountable.

«Arden Villas provided Armando Caballero with the unrestricted access he required to assassinate Miya. In a news release, family attorney Daryl K. Washington said, «They need to be held accountable for their negligence.»

Miya was uneasy because of Caballero’s interest in her, according to the lawsuit, and her family believes the apartment didn’t take her worries seriously.

«Marcano conveyed her concerns to Arden Villas staff as well as her parents, who were concerned that… the Arden Villas manager was not taking the safety concerns of the employees and tenants seriously,» according to the lawsuit.

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