Meek Mill Talks About Flying On A Private Jet After Being Charged…


Meek Mill Talks About Flying On A Private Jet After Being Charged With Marijuana Possession

Meek Mill uploaded a video on Friday in which he was conversing with an aviation authority who appeared to accuse him and his companions of smoking pot on the plane.

Meek posted a video to his Instagram story with, «He inquired if we were smoking weed on his jet…

We’ve only been on for 20 seconds…

My entire day was slowed down by racist p-y???» «I need to schedule a jet to NYC as soon as possible!!» he continued. From the moment we went up, I could tell he was racist! Take a look at the firm that the jet is registered with[.]»

Meek was certain during his conversation with the official that they didn’t have time to use pot because they had just boarded the plane. Meek answered that he wanted to get off the plane and remarked, «You acting real racist right now,» after the aviation attendant indicated that he was «trying to fix this problem.»

«Yea I would of deplaned I don’t trust no one flying me anyplace wafter this haha[.],» a few users said. «He was smoking before he got on the plane lol & that’s none of his business,» someone another said.

«He probably smells it, how does that make him racist?» someone else wondered.

Meek Mill recently stated on Twitter that he does not have the best record deal. He resorted to Twitter to express his feelings about the money he makes from his music. Meek claims that he has made no money and that he intends to reveal them the record deal that got him there.

Meek tweeted, «I haven’t been paid from music, and I have no idea how much money labels earn off me.» «I need lawyers as soon as possible!!!»

Although Meek’s initial tweet was removed, it’s unclear whether he was referring to Atlantic or his Maybach Music Group pact. It’s also unclear if Meek was referring to music throughout his entire career or from his most recent endeavor. He recently released an album called ‘Expensive Pain,’ as you may be aware.

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