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Re “The ‘good guy with a gun’ narrative a myth” (Letters, Dec. 16):

As a retired regulation enforcement officer, I am appalled that letter writer Maryanne Rose would use the demise of Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Ron Helus to make an announcement good man with a gun is a fable.

If I might degree out to her, two good guys with weapons ran into hazard and in a extremely darkish chaotic situation with the damaging man’s gun blazing and one unintentionally shot the alternative.

We will not ever know what variety of lives had been saved on account of the great guys ran into the bar and shot on the damaging man until he killed himself. But I wager if Maryanne or her kin had been throughout the bar that night time time, they’d have been praying that the great guys confirmed up with weapons. Maryanne, your house on this matter is reprehensible.

— John Pherrin Sr., Lake Forest

What calamity?

Re “Trump will keep American safe by protecting border” (Letters, Dec. 23):

When you begin with a false premise, all of the items subsequent to that is gobbledygook.

Letter writer Vance Frederick would have us think about that Trump saved us all from calamity. What calamity is he talking about? If he is referring to the Obama administration, then his memory needs jogging.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average went from 7,550 in early 2009 to 19,827 when President Obama’s time interval ended. Do the arithmetic: 11.6 million jobs added. Corporate earnings up over 150 present. Oil imports down 53 p.c, and wind and photo voltaic vitality has quadrupled.

Over 15.2 million additional people have medical insurance coverage. A 53 p.c drop in illegal immigrant entry beneath his watch. What calamity? Let me guess. A black president.

Joe Ansberry, Long Beach

Trump’s supporters

Trump haters do not understand why his supporters are nonetheless behind him and picture in him. Supporters know most all of the items they hear or be taught is not the true actuality, quite a bit is each deleted, edited or ignored. People can really solely think about what they hear direct from the president by means of his rallies or his tweets.

They know when the hear a speech after which see how the press and media interpret what was acknowledged they won’t perception what they inform them. They should decide for themselves. And that is exactly what they’re doing.

Rosalie Hines, San Clemente

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