«How Am I Going To Tell My Babies That Daddy Is Never Coming Home?»…

Young Dolph’s Wife Releases Statement: “how Am I Going To…

«How Am I Going To Tell My Babies That Daddy Is Never Coming Home?» says Young Dolph’s wife in a statement.

For the first time since the rapper’s death in a shooting, Young Dolph’s widow spoke out. Mia Jaye thanked fans for their support and uploaded an old video of Dolph and their daughter on her Instagram stories.

«I appreciate everyone’s prayers, love, support, calls, and messages,» Mia wrote.

I may not be able to see all of them, but when my eyes aren’t watering, I can. I manage to capture a couple of fish. «However, all true positive vibes, energy, and prayers are welcome…because Lord knows I need them,» Mia continued.

«How am I going to tell my babies that papa will never come home?» she went on to ask. «God give me strength…,» she added in another video, which used Donnie McClurkin’s «We Fall Down.» «With all my heart and soul, Adolph,» I say.

Young Dolph was shot and killed in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee while visiting his favorite cookie shop.

Young Dolph’s life was taken at 1 p.m. local time on Wednesday, according to Fox 13 Memphis. According to their story, he was shot and killed by «three separate law enforcement sources.» He had reached the age of 36.

Users posted videos from the area in South Memphis on Facebook when word of his death spread. Young Dolph was said to be at Makeda’s Butter Cookies when an unknown shooter pulled up and opened fire, killing him. When police arrived, Dolph was driving his camouflage, Lamborghini, in front of the establishment. During the incident, it appears that Dolph was inside the store.

Young Dolph had been to the same cookie business less than a week ago. Dolph promotes the shop in a video and boasts about his fresh chocolate chip cookies from the oven.

Two gun-wielding suspects are seen fleeing the scene in a white Mercedes Benz, according to cops. No arrests have been made as of yet, and the circumstances surrounding his shooting death are still being investigated.

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