During a recent episode of ‘Porsha’s Family Matters,’ Porsha Williams…

Porsha Williams Addresses The Altercation During The Recent Episode Of…

During a recent episode of ‘Porsha’s Family Matters,’ Porsha Williams addressed the altercation.

Porsha Williams was trending on Twitter for the second week in a row for the follow-up to the brawl that occurred on her show ‘Porsha’s Family Matters.’

Last week, there was a lot of drama surrounding the episode in which everything went to hell. Porsha has remained silent, but she finally spoke up about the physical altercation on tonight’s episode. When her daughter’s grandma, Ms. Gina, became involved, things went from bad to worse.

Porsha Williams opted to take responsibility in a lengthy Instagram message. There was a lot the viewers didn’t get to see, according to the reality star. «I’ve learned the hard way that physical violence is never acceptable, especially when it involves a male harming a woman. «As a culture, we have become too hardened to that,» she wrote.

«I talked to several of my family members who were present at the time and felt it was best not to discuss what the cameras didn’t catch because I was attempting to protect Dennis, his business, and thus our own daughter.» That, in retrospect, was not the best decision.»

Porsha also addressed her daughter’s grandma, saying, «I accept responsibility for my intense reaction to what I was seeing and hearing.» I regret clashing with an older, even if I was not aggressive with Ms. Gina.» Porsha’s actions were not accepted by all of the Roommates. «An elder?» exclaimed one. Grandma, that’s your grandchild.

«Porsha lying as always,» said another, referring to her earlier spat with ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ castmates. This is her fourth on-screen altercation. «She is the issue.» Porsha must have heard about some of the remarks because she erased the post shortly after. Do you believe Porsha accepted responsibility, Roomies?

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