Defamed by the devil: Sandy Hook parents take on Alex Jones’ lies

Defamed by the devil: Sandy Hook parents take on Alex Jones' lies

Three dad and mom of kids murdered by a maniac wielding an assault rifle in Sandy Hook Elementary Faculty are taking authorized goal at one of many lowest creatures to crawl on American soil.

All respectable folks ought to cheer on Leonard Pozner, Veronique De La Rosa and Neil Heslin — dad and mom of 6-year-olds Noah Pozner and Jesse Heslin — for submitting a defamation lawsuit in Texas courtroom towards Alex Jones.

As a radio present host and the grand poobah of, Jones has peddled wretched whole-cloth lies in regards to the 2012 Newtown bloodbath: that it was all a hoax, that the victims and their mourning moms and dads are actors.

And after penning a playbook that crosses each line of morality, he has recycled it within the wake of different mass shootings, kicking households and survivors within the face simply as their worlds have collapsed.

We might problem Jones to look himself within the mirror, however a vampire can’t see his personal reflection.

It could be good, wouldn’t it, if the President of america have been amongst these standing with mothers and dads now compelled to dredge up probably the most painful recollections conceivable as a way to maintain a one-man hate manufacturing facility to account.

In any case, Donald Trump has made financial institution railing towards “pretend information” and vowing to overtake libel legal guidelines he says are unfair to the defamed.

Alas, to him, whereas Jim Comey is a “nut job” and “slimeball,” Alex Jones is an ally. In 2016, Trump praised Jones’ “superb” status and vowed, “I cannot allow you to down.”

America’s largest lowlife has an enormous fan within the highest place.

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