Claudia Jordan’s remark, «Please leave me alone, I am not the one,» appeared…


Claudia Jordan’s remark, «Please leave me alone, I am not the one,» appeared to be addressed by NeNe Leakes.

If you don’t start one, there won’t be any! Since the death of her husband Gregg Leakes last month, NeNe Leakes has had a lot on her plate.

While she is still grieving over his death, she continues to make public appearances, give interviews, and manage her business, Linnethia Lounge. NeNe has been the center of attention lately, and she had all eyes on her on Thursday as she appeared to address her «stalker» Claudia Jordan in response to comments about her.

Claudia had some things to say after NeNe went on V-103 to call out her former RHOA castmates for pitching in to buy her a $200 bouquet of flowers rather than sending them separately, as we previously reported. Following the viral video, many people, including Claudia Jordan, expressed their thoughts on NeNe’s experience. Claudia described Nene’s statements as «tacky» during a recent episode of her Fox Soul show.

«I sent condolences to Gregg out of respect, but I never made it public.» Claudia stated, «I never put anything out there or posted it.» «However, when I heard about this story, I was triggered.» Hold on, I’m saying. You owe no one anything. We didn’t have to pay anything. You’ve got nothing to do with it. It has to do with your husband.”

Claudia’s remark must have caught NeNe’s attention since she published numerous videos on her Instagram story describing how ladies from all around the Real Housewives franchise, black and white, had sent flowers to convey their sympathies, which she was grateful for.

She also stated that Kandi Buruss and Marlo Hampton each delivered a second set of flowers and instantly turned gears, ostensibly shooting at Claudia. «My stalker is always talking about me, but I’m telling you that I’m not the one.» You need to put down your belongings because you already know I’m not the one.”

The former reality TV star went on to claim that she was attempting to live in a positive manner and that she wished for people to «just leave me alone.» NeNe cried as she said she wished Gregg was still with her at the end of the video. Let’s keep sending NeNe love and support as she mourns the loss of her husband.

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