Do all bald cypress trees develop knees?

Do all bald cypress trees develop knees?

A query for Dan Gill: We’re having a dialogue about cypress bushes. Plainly some produce knees and others don’t. Is that this appropriate? – Henry

Reply: Sure, that’s appropriate. Whether or not or not a cypress tree produces knees has quite a bit to do with the moisture stage of the soil the place it’s rising.

In well-drained drier conditions present in most landscapes, bald cypress bushes have a tendency to not produce knees. When the bushes are grown in areas the place the soil stays moister or when planted close to our bodies of water (like a pond), the bushes produce knees.

So far as I do know, all bald cypress bushes (Taxodium distichum var. distichum) have the power to provide knees. Whether or not they do or not, nonetheless, is generally as a consequence of rising situations.

There are two naturally occurring botanical forms of bald cypress: the pond cypress (Taxodium distichum var. imbricatum) and the Montezuma cypress (Taxodium distichum var. mexicanum).

The pond cypress is also native to Louisiana. It seems to be very similar to a bald cypress, though a bit narrower, and the positioning of the needles offers it a “fluffier” look. Just like the bald cypress, pond cypresses produce knees.

Each of those cypresses are deciduous and drop all of their leaves within the winter.

The Montezuma cypress is native to Mexico into the southernmost components of Texas. It has a extra open spreading progress behavior than the bald cypress or pond cypress. As well as, it tends to be extra evergreen, and it doesn’t produce knees.

The Chinese language admire our native bald, pond and Montezuma cypresses, and have planted and labored with them extensively. A hybrid of the bald cypress and Montezuma cypress referred to as ‘Nanjing Magnificence’ seems to be like a bald cypress however is semi-evergreen and doesn’t produce knees. It has been broadly planted in China however is tough to seek out in the US.

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