Another tsunami could make this rhino extinct

These rhinos are in danger.

An whole species of endangered rhinos could be worn out if one other tsunami hits the battered Indonesian park they name house, conservationists stated.

The final 67 Javan rhinos on Earth reside in Ujung Kulon National Park —the place tsunami waves hit the north coast on Dec. 22.

Lucky for the massive, horned creatures, they habitually cling on the park’s south facet.

But specialists advised the BBC that the beasts may not be so lucky the following time a tsunami hits.

“As there are no Javan rhinos in captivity anywhere in the world, should we lose this population, we’ve essentially lost the entire species,” stated Nicola Loweth of the World Wildlife Fund.

The tsunami killed 430 individuals, together with two park officers, and destroyed quite a few buildings.

Javan rhinos, which as soon as lived in northeast India and South East Asia, are thought-about essentially the most threatened of all of the rhino species on this planet, the BBC stated.

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