A woman from Connecticut was arrested after stealing almost $600,000…

Connecticut Woman Arrested After Stealing Over $600k From Her Husband…

A Connecticut woman was arrested after convincing her husband that he had Alzheimer’s disease and stealing almost $600,000 from him.

#Roommates, it’s been proven time and time again that people will do anything for money—and now that includes convincing your long-term husband that he’s suffering from a dangerous illness. A Connecticut woman was recently jailed after it was determined that she conned her husband into believing he had Alzheimer’s in order to steal almost half a million dollars from him.

Donna Marino, 63, was arrested in Connecticut and charged with first-degree larceny and third-degree forgery after an investigation revealed she had willingly defrauded her 78-year-old husband out of an estimated $600,000 over the last 20 years by convincing him he had Alzheimer’s disease to cover up her illegal activity, according to @People. Marino admitted to «signing her husband’s pension cheques and transferring them into her mother’s bank account for about thirteen years» at a meeting with investigators in January.

When he asked to go to the bank, she told him that «the previous time he went inside, he made a scene due to his Alzheimer’s Disease, prompting [him] not to go inside to avoid embarrassment.» «I made something up to keep John from going into the bank and finding out about the low balance» in their accounts. Marino confirmed that she got Power of Attorney on her husband’s behalf unlawfully and used it to submit his taxes. She allegedly forged his signature on «his pension checks, social security checks, worker’s compensation settlements, and other legal documents» and deposited the money in a secret bank account, in addition to pawning his personal things.

Marino’s stepdaughter, thankfully, was the one who first detected the shady activities in March 2019 and contacted her father and authorities. Marino’s husband stated at the time that his wife «always controlled his finances» and that he «had no knowledge she was taking money from him.»

Even more surprising, investigators claim that Marino took significantly more than $600,000, but due to the statute of limitations, only money she stole in the previous five years can be probed.

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