7-year-old boy with Tourette’s makes powerful video to stop teasing from classmates

7-year-old boy with Tourette's makes powerful video to stop teasing from classmates

A primary-grader from Connecticut who was teased and bullied for his Tourette’s Syndrome is taking issues into his personal palms.

In an effort to cease his classmates from choosing on him, Gavin Clampett and his 9-year-old sister, Brynn, have produced a robust video explaining the syndrome, SWNS is reporting.

Rebecca Clampett helped her son her 7-year previous Gavin Clampett make a video explaining what Tourette’s Syndrome is to cease classmates from teasing him.

The neurological dysfunction causes the primary grader to expertise a wide range of motor and vocal tics, together with grunting, exaggerated sniffing and blinking.

“We will take care of the tics, it’s simply educating everybody else to simply accept him for them as effectively,” stated his mom, Rebecca, a job coach and esthetician.


“You see Tourette Syndrome within the media otherwise you watch a film and 99 p.c of the time I assure you, it’s used as a joke.”

“It’s the swearing, the coprolalia, it’s that stigma that individuals have that Tourette’s is somebody simply blurting out all these inappropriate phrases, when actually that’s solely 10 p.c of the case,” the mother from Connecticut stated.

The tics and uncontrollable actions imply Gavin, who is just 7, will get soiled seems to be from folks, and youngsters make merciless feedback.

Rebecca stated, “He did get a little bit little bit of flack in class from his friends asking him to cease, so we ended up making a video explaining what Tourette Syndrome is.”

Gavin, who has excessive functioning autism and OCD, performed the video to his classmates so they may perceive the situation.

“We will train our kids to personal it and get up for it and to teach folks on it,” Rebecca instructed SWNS.

“We’re very unapologetic about his analysis. I need to elevate consciousness for each youngster who goes by this,” she stated.

Within the video, which Rebecca additionally shared on YouTube, Gavin’s sister explains Tourette’s “is a neurological dysfunction which implies it impacts the mind during which an individual makes undesirable sounds or actions.”


The 9-year previous provides, “These undesirable and uncomfortable sounds and strikes are known as tics, however not like a tic that’s discovered outdoors.”

“These tics might be very noticeable or not very noticeable, quiet or loud.”

Gavin, who was 5 when he was recognized with Tourette’s, stated, “They’re like a hiccup and it simply does it and I am unable to cease.”

He described, “My jaw goes up and down… I’ve noises the place the spit swishes round my mouth and I’ve noises that sound like I am sniffling.”

“They hassle me a little bit however I am OK,” he provides.

His sister Brynn finishes by saying, “I really feel like my brother and each different child who has Tourette’s Syndrome are courageous. So be variety to them and do not deal with them totally different as a result of they’re similar to you.”

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