5-year-old gets Transformers party to mark end of tumor treatment

5-year-old gets Transformers party to mark end of tumor treatment

A 5-year-old Michigan boy was treated to a surprise Transformers-themed party recently to mark the end of his six-week treatment for a brain tumor. The party gave Hudson Brown, who completed 30 treatments, a chance to see some of his favorite characters up close, and he even received a special video message from Mark Wahlburg.

“I hope you are doing well buddy,” Wahlburg said in the video, according to Fox 2 Detroit. “I’ve got you in my thoughts and prayers. I am down in Atlanta shooting a movie right now. Stay strong buddy, you are an inspiration to everybody. God bless you, I love you, stay strong and I look forward to meeting you in person.”


Brown was diagnosed with medulloblastoma back in January, and had been receiving proton-beam radiation therapy at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak.

“He has to be sedated for each one since he is receiving treatment to both the brain and the spine,” Megan Brown, the boy’s mother, told Fox 2 Detroit. “They have to be completely still. So, daily sedation, about 45 minutes in the treatment room.”

Brown’s mom and some members of the hospital staff who helped care for him hatched the plan for his surprise last Friday. He arrived at the hospital in a yellow Bumblebee Camaro along with the Bumblebee character to ring the end of treatment bell.

“It was just amazing, just watching 20 Camaros pull up,” Brown’s mother said. “This is a chapter that’s over, the road is not done. This was a big celebration to end his chapter.”

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